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Gen 3 pokemon that give you a sense of nostalgia?


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On topic of gen 3 nostalgia, from my post in another thread here, I shall make a thread stating which pokemon from gen 3 send back the most warms and fuzzies for us. Also known as 'nostalgia'. Hmn...


For me, Jirachi's a big one in this catagory. It's literally the inspiration of my oldest fan made pokemon username: Jirachu (Jirachu+Pikachu). On top of that, I used to be so determined to get one, even when I couldn't get the bonus disc, I would DREAM about catching Jirachi, and I got ultra excited when I got a card of one. And I watched Jirachi Wishmaker's movie SOOO much. I even would listen to/sing the song from that film years later. Jirachi is also likely a Pokemon i've drawn a lot. Blaziken, Skitty's line, Plusle, Minun, and Latias are also pretty nostalgic and I might get more so into why if I can remember so better. But Jirachi? Yeah.....Jirachi is special :3

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