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Pokémon Darkness Falls


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Hi! I'm Petuuuhhh. I'm working on a hack of Pokémon Fire Red called . It will feature:
-Starter Pokemon Gothita, Machop, Sandile at level 5
-Stat changes to many Pokemon, along with later Gen stat changes, such as Dugtrio's attack stat being changed from 80 to 100
-15+ new typings such as Meganium is now Grass/Fairy type
-15+ changes to moves (Ex: Slash now does 80 damage, with a 9.8% chance to flinch)
-Ability changes, such as Meganium now has Thick Fat
-Gen 4-7 abilities added, with Hidden Abilities replacing abilities if they're better
-Physical/Special Split
-A faithful, faithful (PSS), and non-faithful patch, so that all the stat, type, move, ability, and possibly game dynamic changes will be optional
-Day/Night system
-Gen 1-7 (SM) Pokemon, with Gen 7 (USUM) hopefully to be added, eventually
-200-450 Pokemon total
-If I have time, I'll add catch areas, cries for Gen 7, and Pokedex entries for Gens 4-7
-All the Mega Evolutions, Mega Stones, Mega Evolving by pressing start while viewing a Pokemon's moves, and all the Alolan forms-Increased trainer, gym leader, and Elite Four difficulty (Ex: All gym leaders have six Pokemon)
-20+ changes to stats to make the game feel fresh, and to give an added layer of challenge
-New moves added to Pokemon (Ex: Gyarados now learns Fly)
-Optional Light and Shadow Type patch
-Fairy type
-Having Pokemon changed to these two types (for ex.: Mareep, Flaaffy, and Ampharos may be changed to secondary Light types)
-Physical/Special split
-New moves added, such as Wind Strike (Flying type, Physical, 75 Power, 100% Accuracy, 15 PP, 10% chance of flinching)
-Gen 4 and 5 moves added, hopefully with some Gen 6 and 7 moves added if I'm lucky
-Moves changed to Fairy and Light type, such as Flash ---> Light type
-New ways to evolve Pokemon, such as Scyther evolving by using a Metal Coat on it
-Possibly either Gen 4 or Gen 5 music
-Gym leaders and Elite Four have the option of being double battled
-Gym leaders and Elite Four can be dual type, and can have a wild card Pokemon
-TM's changed, such as Dynamicpunch ---> Mach Punch
-Prices changed, such as Magnet changed from 100 ---> 10000
-Gift Pokemon
-New stones (Mega stone, Trade stone, possibly Light stone)
-Gen 6 exp system
-Gen 4 repel system
-Unlimited TM uses
-Running shoes
-Legendary Pokemon battles
-New non-Legendary Pokemon scipted battles (for ex: A herd of wild Salamence is upset and occupies a local village, and you have to drive them off)
-New Mega Evolutions such as Haxorus-Mega and Avalugg-Mega
-New Alolan Pokemon such as Growlithe-Alola and Arcanine-Alola
-New evolutions like Dugking (Dugtrio ---> 42)
-A lighthearted feel
-Nods to Pokemon games
-Plot centered around a mutating Darkrai

Planned new Pokemon

1. Alolan Pikachu (Water type)
2. Alolan Growlithe (Water type)
3. Alolan Arcanine (Water type)
4. Alolan Trapinch (Bug/Water type)
5. Alolan Vibrava (Bug/Water type)
6. Alolan Flygon (Bug/Water type)
7. Alolan Ekans (Poison/Dark type)
8. Alolan Arbok (Poison/Dark type)
9. Namerian Golduck (Dark type)
10. Plessi (Lapras pre-evo) [Water/Ice type)
11. Lochess (Lapras evo) (Water/Ice type)
12. Empoleon-Mega (Water/Steel type)
13. Haxorus-Mega (Dragon type)
14. Avalugg-Mega (Ice type)

New Pokemon types, stats, and Pokedex entries

Pokemon Name: Darkrai-Shadow
Pokemon Type: Dark / Ghost
Evolves from: Darkrai (Mutation)
Pokedex Entry: Darkrai has fed off the fear in the nightmares he has given people and Pokemon, changing him into a more powerful form.
Pokemon stats: HP 90 Atk. 100 Def. 100 Sp. Atk. 155 Sp. Def. 110 Spd. 105
Stat total: 660

Pokemon name: Darkrai-Primal
Pokemon type: Dark / Ghost
Evolves from: Darkrai-Shadow (Mutation)
Pokedex Entry: Darkrai has changed into his most powerful form. This is the ancient form said to be seen right after people and Pokemon died screaming in their sleep.
Pokemon stats: HP 100 Atk. 110 Def. 110 Sp. Atk. 165 Sp. Def 110 Spd. 125
Stat total: 720

Pokemon name: Dugking
Pokemon type: Ground
Evolves from: Dugtrio (level 42)
Pokedex entry: This Pokemon is the ruler of all Diglett and Dugtrio. His requests are carried out with haste.
Pokemon stats: HP 85 Attack 120 Def. 65 Sp. Atk. 65 Sp. Def. 80 Speed 126
Stat total: 541

Pokemon Name: Avalugg-Mega
Type: Ice
Evolution: Avalugg (Frienship)
Pokedex: When Avalugg bores of its flatness, it stores up energy for a year until it sprouts ice crystals all over its body.
Stats: HP 105 Attack 122 Defense 199 Sp. Atk. 60 Sp. Def 59 Speed 35
Total: 580

Moves we have come up with

Light - Purge: Does 110 spec. damage. 30% of paralyzing. 70% acc.
Light - Aura Beam: Does 90 spec. damage. 10% of flinching.
Light - Aura Cannon: Does 80 spec. damage. 30% of lower spec. def.
Flying - Wind Punch: Does 75 phys. damage. 10% of flinching.
Ghost - Shadow Spell (Darkrai – Shadow): Does 120 spec. damage. 10% of confusing. 95% acc. 10 PP.
Dark - Fang Attack: Does 30 x 2 phys. damage.
Dark - Fang Charge: Does 90 phys. damage. ¼ recoil.
Normal - Cut: 60 damage.
Flying – Tornado: 55 damage. 20% chance to flinch.
Poison – Acid Rain: Special. 80 damage. 50% chance to poison opponent. 10 PP.
Dark – Pitch Black: All stat changes are reset. If Dark type, raises Sp. Att and Speed by 1 stage each in addition to all stat changes being reset.
Rock – Meteor Shower: 110 Dam. 85% Acc. 10 PP.
Ice – Snow Storm: Lowers the foe’s speed by 2 stages.
Fire – Fireball: Physical. 80 Dam. 100% Acc. 15 PP.
Dark – Eclipse: Special. 90 Dam. 100% Acc. 10 PP.
Dark – Total Eclipse: Raises user’s Sp. Att, Sp. Def, and Speed by 2 stages. Requires a turn to charge.
Dark – Apocalypse: Signature move of Darkrai-Primal. 150 Dam. 95% Acc. 10 PP.
Flying – Tropical Storm: 100 Dam. 80% Acc.
Flying – Ragnarok: 150 Dam. 90% Acc. Increased critical hit ratio. Lowers user’s accuracy by 1 stage.
Light – Divine Light: Raises the user’s Sp. Att by 2 stages, and raises the user's Sp. Def by 1 stage.
Flying – Tropical Breeze: Restores ½ the user’s health.
Ice – Frost Tackle: 40 Dam. Phys.
Ice – Frozen Charge: 90 Dam. Phys, 1/4 recoil.

Planned TM list

1.Mach Punch
2.Bullet Punch
4.Brick Break
6.Focus Blast
7.Rock Slide
8.Night Slash
11.Ice Beam
12.Energy Ball
13.Power Gem
14.Flare Blitz
16.Hidden Power
17.Freeze Dry
21.Wild Charge
22.Volt Tackle
23.Dark Pulse
24.Charge Beam
26.Future Sight
28.Dazzling Gleam
29.Head Smash
31.Drill Run
32.Giga Impact
33.Hyper Beam
34.Bullet Seed
35.Giga Drain
37.Dragon Pulse
38.Poison Jab
41.Aura Cannon
42.Flash Cannon
43.Iron Head
44.Sludge Bomb
45.Sludge Wave
47.Shadow Ball
48.Aerial Ace
49.Air Cutter
50.Air Slash

Darkrai is being controlled by the evil Team Zamrat to become its true, terrible form Darkrai-Primal, a form as strong as Arceus, which is what it was before it became good. Darkrai-Shadow is its in-between phase, a phase as strong as Kyurem. Darkrai is giving the region of Oneira nightmares. Cresselia knows of the ancient story of how Darkrai's Primal transformation energy was sealed into a stone. It informs the player of this, and warns the player that it must not let Darkrai transform into its primal state. Zygarde only knows that Darkrai is gathering a tremendous amount of energy, and picks up its scent near the beginning of the story when Darkrai is seen in an Onerian town. I haven't come up with a reason why it is in the Onerian town. It may be carrying out a mission of Team Zamrat.

Zygarde and Cresselia help the protagonist along the journey. Cresselia joins the protagonist and opens up portals to and from the Shadow World, the land where Darkrai grows in power by absorbing energy from the dreams of Pokemon and people. At one point, Cresselia will open a portal for the player and Zygarde to go through in order to battle the seven original Ultra Beasts and Necrozma. Zygarde will be after Darkrai throughout the story.

Necrozma and the Ultra Beasts are trying to harvest enough Dark Energy to enable Darkrai to transform; at least that's what the protagonist thinks. The protagonist's rival is the son of the leader of Team Zamrat. He will be evil but will eventually become good after learning the extent of Darkrai-Primal's power. Salamence Apocalypse form, the dark dragon of the Apocalypse, is the secondary antagonist, and serves as the right hand of Team Zamrat. Team Zamrat is a cult that worships Salamence-Apocalypse. Yveltal is on Team Zamrat's side, wanting to bring about the Apocalyse so that it can harvest the life energy of all affected by it. Xerneas is unaware of the rising threat. Arceus does not interfere because it knows of the prophecy of the protagonist, and its outcome. This is implied.

Necrozma tricks the player into defeating the Ultra Beasts, who are actually the key to unlocking Darkrai's true form. They are the seven guardians of the passage to Giratina-Origin, the guardian of the Darkstone, the stone that transforms Darkrai-Shadow into its ultimate form. Dialga and Palkia do not interfere because they know the outcome as well. This is also implied. Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem are not aware of the rising evil. Necrozma is the evil trickster, tricking the protagonist jnto battling it because they think it has stolen the Darkstone, when in reality it is just a stone given dark properties by Necrozma's magic, while Darkrai-Shadow acquires it and transforms into its Primal form.

In the end, the protagonist battles Darkrai-Primal as soon as it is awoken. The protagonist wins the battle, stopping Darkrai from taking over the world.

Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza do not interfere because they do not care.


Petuuuhhh: Team Leader | Storyteller | General Ideas | Basic Mapping | Musician | Basic Scripting
Astico: Morale Booster | Beta Tester | Storyteller | General Ideas
LadyLucina: Lead Spriter
Doreto: Lead Storyteller | Beta Tester | Mapper
ElPoroLoco: Concept Artist | Spriter
ChrisTrinity: Beta Tester | Story Helper
Hackode007: Beta Tester
IceGummi: Mapper
Pignite654: Mapper | Spriter
Sojose: Storyteller | Beta Tester
Turjo: Beta Tester
maddddddd: Storyteller
RowdyHD: Logo
UltraPokeTeen: Mapper
Fairy: Spriter | Graphic Designer
Symo: Mapper
BryceBAM: Mapper
Dark Destroyer: Beta Tester
kerberos: Beta Tester
Lightblitz7: Composer
Venia Silente: Storyteller
Pignite654: Spriter | Mapper
MrRod: Spriter | Storyteller
Bumpadunc: Scripter | Mapper

Mr. Dollsteak for the Decap and Attack ROMbase
Skaraborne for the DS-style 64x64 Pokemon Sprite Patch
Touched and mbcn10ww for the Mega Evolution Patch and help with it, respectively
Pokecommunity and Escape Rope's ROM hacking and writing channels on Discord
HackMew's XSE
Gamer2020's PGE
Anthroyd's ROM hacking videos
thekaratekid552's G3HS and Flags, Vars, and Script Tiles tutorial
Diegoisawesome's MEGA-HUGE XSE Scripting tutorial
Kurapika's G3T
Aspiring PokeTrainer's ROM hacking videos
ROM hackers like PokemonAce123, Harlee Quinn, Kalarie, DarkPsychic, thebrawler56, and Vytron


Join if you want to help or are interested in our progress!

Discord server ---> https://discord.gg/knqRTh2


For those that want to see my thread on Pokecommunity for any up-to-date information.

Thread on Pokecommunity ---> https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=399375

My Discord username is Petuuuhhh#3604.

This hack is still in early development, if you are interested we are currently seeking the following positions and need your help!

-Concept Artist(s)

Application Form

Proof of Work
Past Experience
Contact Information: Discord Username or Email Address
Time Zone
OPTIONAL: Notes (Any questions, concerns, opinions, etc.)
Please PM me if you are interested in applying for any of the positions available. You may apply for more than one position.

Pokémon Darkness Falls v. 0.11 Patch download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ol4z9DzHYA2k7-EK8vLxvZ5LDJCRRgO_

Patch to a clean Pokémon Fire Red ROM 1.0 with NUPS.

Pokémon Darkness Falls - Copy (12) - Copy - Copy.png

Pokémon Darkness Falls - Copy (12) - Copy - Copy2.png

Pokémon Darkness Falls - Copy (12) - Copy - Copy3.png

Pokémon Darkness Falls - Copy (12) - Copy - Copy4.png

Pokémon Darkness Falls - Copy (12) - Copy - Copy5.png

Pokémon Darkness Falls - Copy (12) - Copy - Copy6.png

Pokémon Darkness Falls - Copy (12) - Copy - Copy7.png

Pokémon Darkness Falls - Copy (12) - Copy - Copy8.png

Pokémon Darkness Falls - Copy (12) - Copy - Copy9.png

Pokémon Darkness Falls - Copy (12) - Copy - Copy10.png

Pokémon Darkness Falls - Copy (12) - Copy - Copy11.png

Pokémon Darkness Falls - Copy (12) - Copy - Copy12.png

Pokémon Darkness Falls - Copy (12) - Copy - Copy13.png

Pokémon Darkness Falls - Copy (12) - Copy - Copy14.png

Pokémon Darkness Falls - Copy (12) - Copy - Copy15.png

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