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  1. Introduction Hi! I'm Petuuuhhh. I'm working on a hack of Pokémon Fire Red called . It will feature: -Starter Pokemon Gothita, Machop, Sandile at level 5 -Stat changes to many Pokemon, along with later Gen stat changes, such as Dugtrio's attack stat being changed from 80 to 100 -15+ new typings such as Meganium is now Grass/Fairy type -15+ changes to moves (Ex: Slash now does 80 damage, with a 9.8% chance to flinch) -Ability changes, such as Meganium now has Thick Fat -Gen 4-7 abilities added, with Hidden Abilities replacing abilities if they're better -Physical/Special Split
  2. Welcome to Island Mons! In this Pet Mod, only Pokemon native to the four major island chains in the handheld games the Sevii, Whirl, and Seafoam Islands, and Alola are featured. This includes Pokemon that live on the island, not in the water surrounding the island, with the exception of Alola. I will include all Pokemon in the US/UM Pokedex. Rules / Bans: OU Banlist, No Team Preview. There is no Team Preview so that the metagame can feel like it's being played in Gen 3 with Gen 1-7 Pokemon. It will keep teams on their toes, too. https://hastebin.com/owokucudoy.pas Preliminary Threatlist: Wel
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