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Gen2 legality issue with in-game trade


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In G/S/C it is possible to catch Dragonair at lowest level of 10 on route 45 with Super Rod. When this Dragonair was traded in Blackthorn city I recieved Rhydon that is marked as ilegal for some reason. Says "invalid: Ingame trade OT has been altered", but it was not. File attached.

In crystal the trade is changed to fDragonair for Dodrio. OT trainer and DVs are the same. I modified Rhydon into Dodrio with proper movepool but it was marked as ilegal as well.

I recreated some other in-game trade pkmn in PKHex and they passed the legality check.

112 - DON - 4DD6.pk2

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Found another one. There is trade in crystal: get Magneton for Dugtrio.
The table mentions Dugtrio wild. However there is another trade in yellow: get Dugtrio for Lickitung. Lickitung can be breed to level 5.
So with trade in yelllow, trade to crystal and trade in power plant it would be possible to get Magneton at lvl 5.

Also get Parasect for tangela trade in yellow can be level 5 from breeding tangela.

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