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The Grand Villian Rp. OOC


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Hey all, this is ThePokeguy. This is the thread where new villian teams will create themselves.


you will follow the rules, or face the price 

1. Keep it clean

2. SFW only, no NSFW

3. We are not going to bully anyone 

4. We will be respectful 



team name:

team leader:

grunt Pokémon:

admin names: 

admin pokemon:

boss pokemon: 



my team

team name: Team Vengence

Team Leader: Archer

grunts pokemon: rattata, koffing, pawnyard, 

admin names: the admins from all of the past regions 

admin pokemon: their Pokémon from their latest incarnation 

archer’s pokemon: Mega Gengar, clawizer, tyrantrum, avalugg, rotom, arbok 

goals: avenge their bosses and take over the world

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Team Name: Team Soul

Team Leader: Prog (me)

Pokémon used by grunts: Gastly, Zubat, Misdreavus, Houndour, Poochyena, Electrike, Finneon, Pawniard, Sandile, Litleo, Helioptile, Mimikyu, Mareanie, Wimpod, Lechonk, Shroodle, Bombirdier, Greavard

Admin Names: Ayra, Stanton, Kiara

Ayra's Team: Oinkologne, Crobat, Bombirdier

Stanton's Team: Mightyena, Krookodile, Golisopod

Kiara's Team: Mimikyu, Houndoom, Manectric, Lumineon

My Team: Heliolisk, Houndstone, Toxapex, Mightyena, Mega Gengar, Kingambit

Goal: Create a new Pokémon move named Soul Shot and distribute it to many Pokémon in the world, and popularize italo disco in the Pokémon world.

Edited by Pokémon Trainer Prog
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Origin of Team Soul:

The leader (myself) and the admins are all part of the Mesagoza College. This college is unrelated to Naranja and Uva Academies and serves as the biggest college in the Paldea region. One of the afterschool clubs was an italo disco club where I and the admins were part of. One day sparked the creation of Team Soul as the members discussed about their favorite italo songs. During that day, I thought of a move named Soul Shot when it was my turn of showcasing my favs. Later that day, we made Team Soul official, with me as the leader, and Ayra, Stanton and Kiara as the admins. We then became rivals to Penny and Team Star, and we also have a secret base below Mesagoza College.

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team name: Dark Ultimax (Also known as The PDE Arson Fighters[Poison, Dark, Electric, Fire, Fighting])

team leader:S.H.A.D.O.W

grunt Pokémon:S.H.A.D.O.W squad: Absol, Mightyena, tyranatar and greninja. Arsonist Squad:TalonFlame, Camerupt, arcanine, charizard, houndoom. Toxic Squad:Toxtricity, glimmora, toxipex, toxicroak. Silicon(Linux)Squad: Pawmot, Alolan Geodude, Kilowattrel, Dedenne, Pikachu and Magnezone

admin names:S.H.A.D.O.W squad: S.H.A.D.O.W, Arsonist Squad:Arson Ryu, Toxic Squad:AnneTXifenne(Yes that's the name read it as ToxiFenne), Silicon Squad:Sam Vim

admin pokemon(Ace):1. tyranatar 2. houndoom 3. toxicroak 4. Pawmot and pikachu

boss pokemon: Blaziken,greninja, toxcicroak, absol, Tyranatar, Alolan geodude(The wingull killer)

goals:RNG Manips

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