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My fellow villains. I invite you to my brotherhood of evil. In witch we will raise armies of evil (make your own evil Pokémon team), plot to distroy the world(RP as those teams), and truly be villains. So, I command you to join the PBOE.

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  2. Hey all, this is ThePokeguy. This is the thread where new villian teams will create themselves. RULES you will follow the rules, or face the price 1. Keep it clean 2. SFW only, no NSFW 3. We are not going to bully anyone 4. We will be respectful OC APP team name: team leader: grunt Pokémon: admin names: admin pokemon: boss pokemon: goals: my team team name: Team Vengence Team Leader: Archer grunts pokemon: rattata, koffing, pawnyard, admin names: the admins from all of the past regions admin pokemon: their Pokémon from their latest incarnation archer’s pokemon: Mega Gengar, clawizer, tyrantrum, avalugg, rotom, arbok goals: avenge their bosses and take over the world
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