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OT Change help please


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Hi there. I want to change the OT name on some of my Pokemon. This is my first time using Pokesav, however I have used A.R. before.

So, this is what I did and it froze/crashed my game (a simple reset and everything was fine).

Using Pokesav, I opened it up, entered the TRAINER name, and then I wanted to edit my SLOT 1 pokemon to pick up the TRAINER NAME, so I hit that "input" button which grabbed it. Having only edited the OT field in Slot 1, that is all I checked on the "EXPORT AR" code, and plugged that code into my ACTION REPLAY......

so, after hitting L+R and trying to load my POKEMON view, it freezes. I tried a second time, this time WHILE VIEWING the slot 1, and when I went to the POKEMON view, the slot 1 was completely blank. Vanished pokemon!

What am I doing wrong?

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If by "opened it up" you mean Pokesav, then here's your problem:

First off, you need a pokemon to be filed in the slot you are editing. If you have no pokemon in said slot, then the code will cause your game to crash. What you probably did was you opened up the first party slot, just edited the OT thinking that it would just edit your Pokemon's OT, and then exported the code.

By doing this you exported an empty slot with OT information attached to it. Essentially, you created a pokemon with no information besides the OT. The party modifier and pokemon modifier doesn't edit the pokemon in the slots, but rather it injects the created pokemon you make in Pokesav into the place of the already existing pokemon that is in the corresponding slot.

My suggestion is find someone who can convert your desired pokemon into files so you can load them into pokesav for editing or enlist in the help of someone a little more experienced with pokesav to help you with editing the pokemon for you.

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