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crystal [Gen 2] [Crystal] [NTSC-U/J] My New Ultimate Pokemon Crystal Prototype Restoration Hack Set

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Hello to all. I am somewhat off hiatus, and I bring to you 2 patches made out of many I have found this week, which will A: On Japanese Crystal, enable the debug menu (from TCRF/GCL), B: On the American Copy, instead finish and enable the Safari Zone, add the PokeCom center from JPN Crystal with normal PokeCenter functions with the unused scripts and references (Both from pokecrystal-restored on Github, along with the bonus of having the Crystal-only ingame Egg/Celebi events usable normally via cheap asm that unlocks them before JPN players got them story-wise, and the unused house in Olivine City being restored in the same initial patch, plus some mobile functions after Surf, maybe more), the added ability to reset your clock in the PokeGear by using U/D from a rare dump hack, along with 2 features from tcrf that apply to both regions, The JPN Gold SGB border, and the Prototype JPN Crystal Title Screen. I prefer the NTSC-U version, because it has a working battle tower. The Mobile features are half-deactivated in a hard-to-understand simple way, that still yields semi-legit results. Before loading normal saves (which do work), I recommend not going to Fuschia or Goldenrod. A known-good save spot is Celadon PokeCenter. Yes, you can mess with the clock without resetting in the NTSC version. This is technically in the JPN debug, and in normal crystal, so it is not actually illegal, just mis-activated. The Celebi is Illegal, as we did not get the GS ball, despite what the Anime tells ya'. Yes, you can have a Level 30 Celebi before the 3rd gym with YOUR OT. Have fun sweeping that gym.

Here is the zip with the patches. Remember, use the correct patch for the correct NTSC-U version. 

NTSC Pokemon Crystal Beta Reconstruction Hack Compilation AIO Patch Sets.zip

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Hello to all!

I just came on to inform everyone that there is a new version of the hack for NTSC-U V1.0 Crystal that adds in things like Voltorb Flip, Gen 1 music, nite music, darker gb printer output, extra music from later games, the physical/special split, and more. As it doubles the rom size to 4MB, a size that Retail Crystal's MBC3/MBC30 does not support, but is supported by the Clockless MBC5 board used in the localized GBC-enhanced Yellow releases and all non-NTSC-U and all non-NTSC-J Red and Blue copies, plus the Pokemon Pinball GBC copies in all regions with the pager motor. As there is no clock for MBC5 (except on inaccurate emulators and/or VBA-RR 480 and the 3ds VC [at least without my patch.]) I have applied a 16 byte IPS that nulls the three bytes between 0x06e5 and 0x06e8 and have bypassed the clock passcode check by changing 0x4d461 from 0x37 to 0xc9 to NOP the checks for those RTC code pieces. I also enabled the beta border more universally with a minor header hack but had to remove the beta title screen due to it causing scrambling if loaded during attract mode on a button press. As the game hack uses better optimized and more effective LZ77 compression than the late great Satoru Iwata-san's implementation of the GFX LZ77 the gfx may have safe quirks, and glitch graphics WILL BE DIFFERENT, so don't try them! Also, while Stadium 2 loads the save correctly, since the game fills a normal unexpanded N64's ram, it obviously won't work in the GB Tower on a Jumper Pak N64. However, for some strange reason that defies logic, when Stadium 2 is given the Expansion Pak that it was designed to use, it will still fail the GB Tower load regardless of setting. However, if it would load, it would have a JPN Gold SGB border on the Native EMU. However, I think a GS Code or a Romhack for Z64/CD64 copiers or ED64/64D Flashcarts could force the game to load large MBC5 romhacks up to 6MB in gb tower, as the localized Yellow in all areas besides JPN region and the non-English localized releases of Red and Blue use this MBC5 board with a pittance of memory, so it would be trivial to increase the limit both in the EMU code and header reader code, and allow Gen2 Headers on the MBC5 whitelist. Stadium 1 only allowed 1MB and Stadium 1 (the 64DD-required version) in JPN only allowed the 512KB R/G/B Gen1 games. Therefore we could use the Expansion Pak to force this hack to work. We may be able to make GS64 codes to avoid piracy.


Anyway, I said enough about this hack and its traits, so I will attach the IPS file below. Make sure to apply it to the V1.0 Initial PRG0 English release of Crystal that does NOT have the CRLF glitch in the Dummied-out Untranslated mobile menus.


Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this. I wish to credit Armada651 off Github and Skeentendo for making the initial base of Pokemon Crystal Restored, and the Github/Skeentendo User FroggestSpirit for making the Bigger second base called Pokemon Crystal Complete. I wish to credit all parties that they both have credited, as well as Nintendo, and kanzure/pret for RE'ing Crystal to make this possible, as well as TCRF for the SGB hack, the bank pointer for the 4d61 clock code that I edited with GB-PC Pointer calculator, and Loopy's late great Pocketheaven for the RTC hack, along with Reddit, GBAtemp and 4chan for mirroring the parts of this hack that died off or were hard to build.


Enjoy this hack. No features were removed. The GB printer prints a direct and cleaner Grayscale image of the printed screen at max contrast due to aging paper, and the game corner still has the original games in both corners. The rtc is manual, and no gfx glitches are unsafe, major, or irreversible. The fishable pokemon in the restored safari zone are still there. Wild pokemon are still faithful. Trainers and Difficulty are still normal. I kept this faithful. Unlike Polished Crystal, the battletower is Untouched. No stats/types/pokemon are edited or added. Minimal banks were modded.

That's all for now.



St. GIGA on his last day of freedom. 

Pokemon DreamCrystal (With MBC5 No-RTC Patch) [For V1.0 of NTSC-U Crystal].ips

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