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My computer has stopped recognizing my AR

Heart N' Soul Trainer

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I can't get the Action Replay code manager, nor my computer at all, to recognize that my AR is plugged in. I have it set up like I always do: AR in the DS, DS on, hooked via USB cable. I used to get this problem, but after unplugging it and plugging it back in for whatever reason the hardware had to reinstall itself, but then it would work. But this time it won't do that.

I Googled around for a while and found some solutions, such as stuff in the device manager, uninstalling/reinstalling the code manager, etc. Nothing fixed it. Do any of you know what may cause this? Btw, I'm running XP, so the Vista issues aren't a problem.

EDIT: I now constantly get the message that Windows failed to recognize the device when I plug it in. While it wasn't recognizing it before, at least it's aware of it now. But it doesn't give me any options to fix the problem.

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I had this same problem last month. I heard the USB cable that comes with newer versions of the ARDS has a problem connecting properly to the PC. I would recommend getting a new USB cable. Stores like Radio Shack may have them. If you still have the receipt you may want to exchange the cable for a new one. Once I got a new cable, voila, my ARDS connected perfectly to the PC. Hope my advice helps.

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