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Breeding Ditto

General Meow

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I want to Wi-Fi trade for a Ditto to use in my breeding.

Pokemon Species: Ditto

Held Item: doesn't matter

Level: doesn't matter

Ability: use Ditto's legal ability

Nickname: doesn't matter

Trainer ID: you can use your own

Secret ID: you can use your own

Shiny: no

Egg: no

Nature: Docile

Pokérus Status: no Pokerus

Pokéball Captured In: doesn't matter

EV Stats: doesn't matter

IV Stats:




Special Attack-31

Special Defense-31


Ribbons: doesn't matter

Location/Date Met: doesn't matter:

Friend Code: 2707-7510-8427

If there's anything that I forgot to list, then don't worry about it. As long as everything is legal, I will be happy.:biggrin: Thanks in advance.

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