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Legal Starmie w/ Analytic, Gravity and Lure Ball

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Hi everyone. I'm really just curious about it, but I have been trying to generate a Starmie with the following characteristics:

  • Moves: Gravity, Hydro Pump, Psyshock, Ice Beam
  • Captured in a Lure Ball
  • Ability: Analytic (Hidden)

I left out things like IVs or friendship because they are superfluous in this case.

Gravity may only be learn in BW by Starmie, so it has to come from a previous generation; it may only have its HA from the Entree Forest in BW, so it has to be captured in BW and in the Forest; and the Lure Ball is only legally in HGSS, so...

So far I don't think there's any way to make it without one of the three conflicting the other.
I've settled with one caught in a Quick Ball (another option is w/ the Lure Ball and Gravity, but without the HA, obviously), but I'm still curious if anyone knows any other way.


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You will need to wait untill Gen 7 gets it's Move Tutors for it to be legal.
Since in gen 6 you can only pass down the ball if the mother is in it, the mother would need to be catch in HGSS. Because of this, she could not have a HA. Breeding her with a male with HA would not generate any pokémon with HA, since the father only passes it with Ditto.

Since in gen IV-VI Starmie can learn gravity with move tutors, right now you can only chose HA or Lure Ball.

If we get new gen 7 games with move tutors, you could catch a Starmie with it's HA with a Lure Ball in Sun and Moon and teach it gravity in the new game tutors if they have the move.

Edit: Sorry for the mess/redundancy. I'm very sleepy right now. Can try to revise it tomorrow morning

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Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, unfortunately. I also thought it would be possible by passing a Starmie from a Gen I game (since they get the HA), breeding it with a Starmie that is caught in a Lure Ball, and knows Gravity... but, unless they reintroduce passing down Tutor Moves, the move won't pass down, either. You can't have it all, I guess!

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