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please make this for me :(


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I used to be able to use pk hex myself but since they patched it I don't have homebrew on my 3ds's systems so I cant use this wonderful thing any more :(:(:( 

can some one please make this pokemon for me a shiny 6 iv ditto English name with a ability capsule on it 

my ign is raven im playing a girl

my trainer number is 158395

my friend code is 1590-5990-3906

im not going to breed from it im not going to battle with it I hate battling any way I just want one other wise

im gonna have to wait to see if the pokebank have got good at detecting hacks because I have afew dittos in my other games that come jan

im going to try to transfer over

so if some one with access to this wonderful thing could find a way to help me out 

thank you in advance if some one chooses to help me


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... What? This request makes no sense. Not breeding, not battling, you have literally no use for a 6IV Ditto. It being Shiny is also pointless for the Dex Entry, since you can QR Code Scan for all Variant Forms for all non-Legend Pokemon now, making for easy Dex completion (other than Language Region entries).
And Ability Capsule... just earn some BP. You're actually playing the game, right?

Also, the Bank's Legal Check won't be any worse than it was, if not better. Of course it's totally easy to make a Legal Pokemon, especially Ditto to be able to transfer it, but regardless, you have literally less than a month until it comes out. Why don't you just... enjoy the game as it was made?

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