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Munchlax Trees in Platinum

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Hi guys, I have a question about Munchlax in Pokémon Platinum.

I know it can be found on honey trees with a 1% rate, I know that in Diamond and Pearl only 4 trees (based on my TID and SID) can give you a Munchlax, is it the same for Platinum? I read both yes and no on the Internet (some people say yes, only 4 trees, some say no, in Platinum every tree can give you Munchlax).

If it's the same, is the Munchlax Tree Calculator on thepikaclub.co.uk compatible with Platinum?

Thanks in advance :)

(I know I can just breed a Snorlax from HG/SS or gen a Munchlax, I'll probably do it if I don't find Munchlax in a week or so)

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