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shiny kyogre please (Im a noobie)


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this my first time using this so i'm not to sure on what to do but if anybody could make me a kyogre and trade it to my platinum version my friend told me to put these stats (p.s try make it legal in tournaments)

pokemon: kyogre

held item: splash plate

Level: 100

ability: drizzle

original trainer (OT): Josh

trainer id:32952

shiny: yes

egg: no

nature: serious

Attacks: thunder, hydro cannon, sheer cold, brine


pokeball captured in: master ball

battle stats: max stats

EV stats: (not sure what to put here but whatever is best)

IV stats: (not sure either just put whatever is best for it)

ribbons: none

Location/date met: cave of origin: date met 9, 20, 2008

Level met at: 45

location/date hatched: no egg

happiness: 100

Contest Stats: None

Party slot: 1st pokemon in party

for what game (required for AR code): platinum

friend code (required for trading):2321 5150 1637

thats all i think please make this pokemon much thanks to anyone who makes it also try to make it legal for use in tournaments and such

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wrong move name
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