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Pokemon playthrough on emulators

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I've been thinking for a while as to where to put this post...

I have spent quite some time searching for... how to play from gen 1 collecting pokemons and moving them from gen to gen... as to slowly amass more and more pokemon and play through all the plot around all these series. Any advice? Preferably on hacked ROMs with all pokemon to finally... catch 'em all!

I have come up empty from internet searches, as it seems impossible to play old blue/red/yellow and transfer. Also, transfering 6 at a time seems like a hassle...

I'd be needing advice, as to :

What emulators

What roms/hacked mods with all pokemon

How to move pokemon between roms when i finish gen 1/2/3/4/5

Huge thanks!

Casual-Poke-Player that would like to get back to the nostalgia and Catch 'Em All!


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