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Your FR/LG in-game team


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Recently I've started playing my Leaf Green again and just forgot how fun it was despite all its shortcomings. Here's my in-game team right after I finished the league, what's yours?


Liberty the Butterfree (F)

Level 52



HP 140

Attack 51

Defense 66

Sp.Atk 130

Sp.Def 97

Speed 124

- Psybeam

- Silver Wind

- Sleep Powder

- Whirlwind


- Useful Pokemon from the beginning

- Very accurate Sleep Powder

- Sleep Shuffling with Whirlwind = fun

- Silver Wind (despite being physical in Gen III) can be useful SOMETIMES with that 10% chance of boosting all stats

- Destroyed Agatha's team single-handedly


Osprey the Pidgeot (F)

Level 52


Keen Eye

HP 166

Attack 123

Defense 84

Sp.Atk 79

Sp.Def 85

Speed 156

- Wing Attack

- Quick Attack

- Whirlwind

- Featherdance


- Yeah yeah. We all know even FEAROW is infinitely better than Pidgeot but I like Pidgeot so you competitive people stop staring at me for using one

- Featherdance reduces the opponent's Attack Power by 2 levels, which is pretty cool.

- Whirlwind for phazing... no clue why when Butterfree can make better use of it. I might just replace it with Fly.

- Quick Attack finishes off weakened foes with STAB, Wing Attack for main STAB attack

- Osprey was pretty good for the beginning and the middle game... until I reached Victory Road and all, I began to realize how Wing Attack failed to OHKO level 43 Machokes. But I'm still keeping Osprey anyways.


Regina the Nidoqueen (F)

Level 53


Poison Point

HP 181

Attack 145

Defense 111

Sp.Atk 103

Sp.Def 88

Speed 96

- Body Slam

- Double Kick

- Thunderbolt

- Surf


- One of my main early game Pokemon which helped me secure some victories. Somewhat bulky (although Zapdos's Drill Peck did like 40% damage on her) and with an insane movepool

- Double Kick over Superpower because Double Kick KOs those normal Pokes anyhow and it has more PP. Besides I don't like that attack/def drop either

- Body Slam as main regular attack... 2-3HKOs most stuff not Rock/Steel in-game and has that chance of paralysis

- Surf for those Rocks

- Thunderbolt for Gyarados and other nuisances... although it failed to OHKO either

- Poison Point sometimes helps... in fact quite a lot to ensure stuff gets KO'd before the opponent Full Restores or whatnot

- Usefulness is slowly dwindling thanks to those mediocre stats but fairly reliable


Kitsune the Ninetales (F) @ Charcoal

Level 51


Flash Fire

HP 151

Attack 87

Defense 96

Sp.Atk 132

Sp.Def 112

Speed 159

- Flamethrower

- Will-O-Wisp

- Confuse Ray

- Safeguard


- A relatively new addition to the team... added right before I faced Erika... and then swept her with this.

- Flamethrower is her main attack... but it runs out so easily seeing how it is the only attack she has. It's actually quite strong because it OHKOs-2HKOs almost anything that Kitsune has faced

- Will-o-Wisp to burn physical stuff

- Confuse Ray just for fun... it's not like she can do much else

- Safeguard supports the team by preventing status from hitting

- She's the annoying one in this team. Very quick/confuses/burns/can't get hit with status of your own/STAB Flamethrowers... yeah, painful for the AI. Quite useful actually but she really can't take much hits. Otherwise she's proven to be one of my most useful unit for the game.


Vicky the Victreebel (F) @ Miracleseed

Level 52



HP 161

Attack 173

Defense 82

Sp.Atk 121

Sp.Def 72

Speed 94

- Razor Leaf

- Growth

- Acid

- Sleep Powder


- I got Vicky during the Nugget Bridge thing and made it my main grasser. Unfortunately she was also the HARDEST thing to train. 10 PP Vine Whip... from level 12... and Wrap of all useless moves. I had to wait until level 21 to evolve... and level 24 to learn Acid. Finally at level 42... 42 she decided to learn Razor Leaf. But still, Vicky was quite helpful

- Sleep Powder... because... I said so... (everything wakes up in one turn when they face me >.>)

- Acid... it OHKOs a lot of things for some reason, but I can't wait until I get Sludge Bomb.

- Growth to boost up those Razor Leafs... (might get Swords Dance to complement Sludge Bomb)

- Razor Leaf is my other STAB to take down waters and grounds (watches in horror as it misses) and even after + 2 Growths, it wouldn't OHKO Lapras while Lapras OHKOd Vicky with Ice Beam (fail)

- Somewhat useful but at other times she fails... although Acid OHKOs most nooblings anyhow. That makes her useful in many ways.


Turtle the Blastoise (F) @ Mystic Water

Level 54



HP 187

Attack 93

Defense 138

Sp.Atk 120

Sp.Def 133

Speed 107

- Protect

- Rapid Spin

- Ice Beam

- Surf


- My starter Pokemon. Yes people, I picked Blastoise, the least useful of the three. And yes, I use Pokemon that no one else likes to use. And yes, I picked Hitmonchan over Hitmonlee back at the Fighting Dojo!


- Protect for scouting what AI does

- Rapid Spin... I don't even know why I'm keeping this move. It serves me no purpose in-game aside from slowly chipping Pokemon's HP away to help me capture it

- Surf is my STAB move and does consistent damage

- Ice Beam is my auxilary move for fliers/grassers/dragons/etc...

- As sturdy as Turtle is, it sometimes doesn't do enough damage back to the opponents, although Turtle wins most of the time. There has been little to no problems with it.

My SAV file is attached below...

Leaf Green.sav

Leaf Green.sav

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  • 2 months later...

I tried your save file, and it doesn't works.

I tried EVERY save type on NO$GBA, and it either says the 1M sub-circuit board is not installed or that the save is corrupted or something.

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The game is Leaf Green...

It opens on VisualBoyAdvance if you set the SAV file into Flash 128 K (Options ---> Emulator ---> Save Type ---> Flash 128 K...)

I am sure it works the same way in No$GBA. Let me experiment...

EDIT: It works just fine for me in both emulators :/

Maybe I should reupload it or something.

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