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Can someone send me pkm files for a legit trade-evolved and a legit normally traded Pokemon (Gen 4)?


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I'm playing Soulsilver on Desmume right now, on a quest to complete my National Pokedex up to the fourth generation. Even though I am on emulator and I have had access to Pokegen the entire time, every single one of my Pokemon was RNGed, bred, and raised personally. Those that cannot be obtained in Soulsilver was transferred in Pal Park from my Emerald and FireRed save files, both of which are also completely legit.

I am aware that it's possible to complete my National Dex through either ROMhacks (e.g. Kadabra evolves at level 36 instead of by trade) or by downloading pre-made pkm files for all the Pokemon online, but I wish to avoid such methods.

I am approaching the point where I have obtained all the Pokemon that I can from pre-Gen 5 games, except for those that I need to transfer from Platinum and those that trade evolve. I realized it's not possible to run two instances of Desmume and trade between them, so the best I can do is to have someone send me a pkm file for:

1) a legit trade-evolved Pokemon that was traded from Soulsilver to Platinum and back to Soulsilver (i.e. what would happen if I had a Kadabra that I self-raised and needed someone's assistance to evolve it and trade it back)


2) a legit regular Pokemon that was traded from Platinum to Soulsilver

and then use that as a template to "Pokegen transfer" the remaining Pokemon from my Platinum save file and to also to fill in my Dex entries for trade-evolved Pokemon. If no one has naturals files that they can retrieve from their DS that fit those descriptions, then I guess I can accept Pokegened files which are identical to/cloned copies of legit files.

If anyone can do this for me, it'd mean a lot to me and let me fulfill a long-time childhood dream of mine. And if there is anything else you need to know, or anything I can do to help, please let me know. Thanks!


Is there a guide for Pokegen anywhere or a post already made on this topic? I've looked around but couldn't find anything that matched my criteria. I'm using 3.1.13 and there is a Link Trade and Link Trade (2) option. What is the difference?


Is there an official Pokegen forums? I know there's a subreddit for Pokemon RNG and ROMhacks, but have yet to find one for Pokegen.


Out of curiosity, how would you Pokegen a Pokemon that came from the GTS?

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None of the locations you mention apply. Link Trade only is relevant as a location for ingame trades.

What you actually want to do is just transfering the pkm from your Platinum save to your Soulsilver save file. You don't need to alter anything but the species and maybe Ability, not sure if Pokegen works with Ability 1/2/Hidden or a free selection of all abilities.

If the latter is true, you just need to check which Pokemon change their ability during evolution, and look up the corresponding number of the unevolved pokemon's ability (1, 2 or Hidden), and give the evolved form the respective ability in PokeGen. That's all you need to do, the result will be perfectly legal.

About GTS: pkms do not include information about wheter it came from GTS or from not, so this should answer your question.

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Wow. If that's all I needed to do, then that's a lot simpler than I expected. Though Pokegen does let you use any ability you want and in general gives you a lot of flexibility, which makes it easy to accidentally create an illegal Pokemon. Under Location, one of the options is GTS, so I thought that would be what you put for GTS acquired Pokemon. Maybe the game doesn't tell you the Pokemon was acquired through GTS, but it's still recorded beneath the surface?

I would still love to actually get my hands on legit files instead of fiddling around with Pokegen since a lot of things can go wrong that way. I'm surprised there's no official Pokegen guide that covers all this stuff. I'm also pretty stubborn on that the files be not only legal, but identical to legit files, more for sentimental reasons than anything else since these Pokemon won't be used in tournaments.

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