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I'm in need of some help. Please read.

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Alright. Where to begin. I had my Pokemon X and Alpha Sapphire saves backed up for some reason when I try restoring through Power Saves 3DS Pokemon X says my save is corrupted. Alright. When I plug Alpha Sapphire into my Power Saves nothing is registering under local files. I've tried everything to solve this. Nothing is working. So. Question is. Does anyone on here have a save for Pokemon X and Alpha Sapphire thats 100% complete story wise. Pokemon doesn't matter. And if you do can you change the name to my name and send it to me through email if I give you my email address. I don't want it to sound like I'm some noob begging for something. I just need some help with this. I'd highly appreciate it. Thanks.

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1. Do you use both Powersaves and Powerplay? Save backups are stored in different folders, the file location is usually something like C:\\User\Documents\Powersaves or C:\\User\Documents\Powerplay. Check if there's any .bin files in there, those are your backups.

2. Also using Powersaves you can't use another persons save file as each game card has a unique encryption between the cart and the save, if you want to insert a save using homebrew I'd be happy to give you a modified version of my Omega Ruby or X save (The actual version the save file came from doesn't matter if it's from ORAS for ORAS or XY for XY)

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