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idea Rom Hacking help plus ideas

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Pokemon: Amnesia

Wake up in a lab in a town by a shore,

Ash is Ash but he doesn't know it...

Wake up in a lab, find that there is a professor named Walton...

Recruits you to research and explore the Solva region...

Gives choice between Gabite, Dratini, and Shelgon

All types of pokemon from all regions...

Gives you 5 potions, 5 pokeballs, and a pokedex

List of different towns, caves, and cities

Selbert Town, 1st town, no gym. Jout City, 2nd town, grass. Polmer City, 3rd Town, rock. Foltra Town, 4th town, electric. Willow City, 5th town, psychic. Aquo City, 6th town. Igneous Town, 7th town, fire. Karpha City, 8th town, fighting. Flint city, 9th town, fighting.

Porous Cave, 1st Cave.

Crystal Cave









Evil team

Team Blaze

Their mission

Capture Mewtwo to destroy guardian of skies, Rayquaza.

Which type of software should I use to create this? This is my first hack, so all feedback is greatly appreciated.



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