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pokemon shuffle is asking for system update just to log in


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that strange

usually it never ask me to update my system when i check for new data , even before eshop spoofing

now i can't check for new events and asking me to update

is there any change in the last update for the game that always ask for update ?

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2 weeks later, but there was no change in Pokémon Shuffle itself. What changed is NNID login which now requires you to be on the latest firmware, which is 10.3.0-28

You can get past that if you have the latest NVer (-28), so if you were on 10.2.0-28, you would be able to use HANS to spoof fw and log in anyway. Anything 10.1.0-27 or lower, you can't (unless you were on <=9.2 and had CFW and stuff but I don't think you do.)

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