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[QUESTION] Editing metric system in gen 4 / 5 / 6 to European/Austrlian measurement system.

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Is this possible, I want to actually be able to use my pokedex. And the data is already in-game. Is there a way to edit ORAS/XY/BW/BW2/PT/HG/SS to support these features?

I want lbs to kg and feet/inches to proper meters.

Anyone know if and how to do it?


searching yielded no results.

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well, actually I do because I did for he platinum translation I'm doing to portuguese xD

ok no ideia for ORAS and XY, but for the DS ones it's easy ...

Ok I will talk for platinum that is the one I did... You will need the an non English game (I used Japanese) and the english one DS text editor and Tinke DS

-First with the english rom:

-Open it on tinke, look for the pl_msg.narc on msgdata> scenario folder and extract it to a folder (the DS Text editor's one is a good idea)


-Now open this file with DSTE. You will see some text banks on the left side , go near the last ones and find which what you need: the one that have the Lbs and Ft infos that are 707 and 708 for lbs. ,709 and 710 for the Fts/inchs , take note of these numbers (probably different banks numbers on the other games)


- Open the Japanese/other rom on Tinke, , find the pl_msg , select it and click on "unpack "

- Find the pl_msn corresponding (707,708,709,710 ) and click "Extract" on each one

- Now back to the english rom, open on tinke , find and unpack the pl_msg

-Go to desired files , select each one and click "change file" , replace for the ones you extracted before


now back to the main pl_msg, select it and click "pack" and then "save rom" , put the name there and be happy! not that hard to do xD

(but was to figure out e3e the first time I did with the new poketext ... imagine the pain on notepad++ >3<)

It would fork for both DP, HGSS, BWs, but different location for the messages ...

DP -> msgdata/scenario/msg.narc

HGSS-> /a/0/2/7.narc

BW -> there are two messages files so I don't know OTL but they are /a/0/0/2.narc and /a/0/0/3.narc

Now for XY and ORAS I have no idea but must be similar! good luck!!

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