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Background Rating Thread

Hello, everyone! I've decided to start a thread where you can post backgrounds you've made and get them rated by others.


  • Follow the forum rules.
  • Put backgrounds in spoilers.
  • Don't post other people's work. (You can use brushes and renders etc.)

  • Post one at a time. (separate posts)

Types of backgrounds:

  • Signature Backgrounds
  • Desktop Backgrounds
  • Website Backgrounds
  • Tilable Textures
  • Background Pictures (Smaller than a background, but is still a background)

Have fun!

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I'll be first, rate this:


  • Don't post other people's work.

Does using other people's brushes count? (I used others' brushes to make the background) I just recently downloaded a few cool Photoshop brushes from deviantART, so I thought i'd use this as a chance to test them...

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  • 3 weeks later...
Wow, didn't think that it would get that high of a rating. :) Here's ANOTHER.


Don't expect this to get a high rating... :\ Render is kinda messed up. I'd give it a 65.8/100.

Eh...it looks like copy & paste Weavile with a C4D kinda awkwardly placed in the middle. Add a color hue/color balance of red and some cool text and then that's all.


It lacked some effort :/

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