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Weird Script I Found in HeartGold

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I was going through some scripts in my HeartGold ROM with PPRE yesterday when I found something quite interesting. When you open the map editor and open the map "Burned Tower R1-02" there's three scripts. The first one just checks a flag and the second one triggers Raikou and Entei to roam, the third one, however, is quite interesting.

This is its code:

Fanfare 1500 
Cryfr 245 0 
Setflag 164 
[b]WildBattle2 245 40 0 [/b]
Clearflag 164 
CheckTrainerLost 0x800c 
If 0x800c 0 
CheckLR 1 func_4 
StoreEmbStatus? 0x4002 
If 0x4002 3 
CheckLR 1 func_5 
If 0x4002 4 
CheckLR1 1 func_6 

As you can see in the bold part, it uses the command WildBattle2 245 40 0. Now 245 is the number for Suicune in the Pokedex. Does that mean it was originally planned for Suicune to be catchable right in the Burned Tower like in Crystal? Interestingly enough, the flag 164 that it sets before and clears after the battle is the one that is also checked in the first script.

As I said, I have only started to look into this yesterday so I don't have much knowledge about scripting in general (it's very hard to even find information about scripting for the fourth generation) but I guess my assumption is right? Well the command clearly triggers a battle with Suicune, that's for sure. Is there a way that we can find out the means to trigger this script in the game?

Lastly I want to say that I'm sorry if this is an already well-known fact but a quick google search before posting this didn't bring up any results. I'd like to have your opinion on this. For reference, the ROM I looked into was the US version of HeartGold and I can guarantee that it was not modified in any way. I do not know if that script is also present in SoulSilver, might have to look into that.

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