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Well I might as well...


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Hello! It's me Pinkolol.

(totally has not stalked this forum before joining as a member)

People might know me, I say might because it's small, from the SM64 machinima bunch. Well, yeah, I also spend a majority of my time pokemoning, I mean, it was the first game I spent extensive time on as a child :D

Quick history since that'll help yeah....

I learned about Pokemon in 2009 when everyone was using ARs at school with them so I got a flash card of the time (A CycloDS Evo that still functions to this day) and there was a guy who wanted my swellow and granbull as a child and he didn't give them back even though I had no intention to trade them for the Pokemon I wanted. I'd asked for a Shiny Celebi since I liked pink and he mentioned it. What a jerk...

Once I learned what he used (at the time it was Pokesav) I downloaded it and began the next few years of my life where I made Pokemon for people. Their request, their names too, though I hate the fact I maxed them all. Didn't have good internet, so finding average stats of things like Lugias bugged me ;-; I wish I hadn't...

So yeah, really, I still play Pokemon legit to this day (Soulsilver, Black, White, X, Y, and Alpha Sapphire were all completed on cards) but I do still like giving Pokemon out, only if one wants it for the Pokedex or something like that. I'm not one to support the "lvl 100 shiny hax online I weell crush ur soul prepare to dieee" problem, even though it has subsided somewhat, lol I don't like that. Like, I don't even like forcing people to agree. I'm just like, an option. I don't mind if you want your game hack-free lol

I don't like the anime, but love the games. Hope that this forum will be cool. Also, I'm from Australia.... means nothing to anybody lol right. Whatever lol

Oh and I also love the PMD games before GtI. I like those as well for special purposes (mind games lol I'm so alone...)

*obligatory introduction is obligatory. Not really lol but my mind says so lul.*

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Hi there.

I have a similar back story to you it just starts 10 years earlier. I got pokemon red in 1999 and my little brother had blue, between us we beat it without cheats and caught all 150 pokemon. We wanted to catch Mew and as there were no official events in England we bought a GameShark which was the original "action replay" type thing.

Around the age of 12 I grew out of pokemon but started playing again when XY came out. I learned of the GTS exploit on ealier games so I bought B2 to start genning. Then once the nintendo wifi was stopped I turned to project pokemon to learn the browser exploit and pokehex. It worked beautifully and i started an Instagram page to do giveaways and gen for people. That again has been stopped by nintendo so here I am now a 25 year old playing pokemon without cheats!

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I have a gameshark for my GBA, though I have no Pokemon games I know what they are :P

I used the browser exploit for a while until I deemed the update harmless and it was hours later i found they patched it. Lol I'm glad I got the ones I wanted though.

Eh giveaways I feel are a bit mean, plus I don't get to everybody. Lots of people just want anything y'know lol. My opinion though lol

Cool :P

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