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IV/PID generator,something I can't do...


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I just want to make a legit shiny 10 Aniv Suicune,'coz the one that is on the event download is too bad (IVs/nature).

It's PID is type 4.

Is there a way to generate a legit type 4 shiny PID,corresponding to IVs I choose?

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I'm still pretty new to the save editing thing, and I haven't actually used Pokesav on my own save file yet.

This PID thing, though, I still don't quite get... especially the various types, and restricted vs. unrestricted, the various equations by which they can equate to IVs, etc.

Is there a FAQ anywhere that covers these issues... and as for PID/IV generation, which types of PIDs have been made known for these generators, and which types haven't?

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