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[Pokemon B2W2] Orthogonal Perspective Request

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Hey everyone!

I've been trying for weeks to get Pokemon Black 2 / White 2 to look 2D thanks to camera cheats but this seems worthless.

Here is the cheat :

:: View Change (Select + A + L/R/B for 3D/45deg/TopDown)

::: Select+A+L=3D, Select+A+R=45deg, Select+A+B=TopDown

5227A988 61635F64

94000130 FFF80000

2227AA15 00000040

D2000000 00000000

5227A988 61635F64

94000130 FEFA0000

2227AA15 00000020

D2000000 00000000

5227A988 61635F64

94000130 FDFA0000

2227AA15 00000004

D2000000 00000000

By hacking the game's maps in SDSME and exporting the models of the maps or buildings to Blender, I discovered the orthogonal perspective which shows a a perfect 2D view (as in HGSS because the 2D view is possible in those games thanks to AR cheats). The only problem in Blender is that the models look blurry and it's impossible to obtain a perfect size of the models without the blurring.

That's what I mean :


So I wanted to know if someone is willing to try to look into the roms and deactivate the current perspective to make the game look 2D.

As a graphist and as a game creator (I'm the creator of the fangames Pokemon Cinder & Foam), I'm really interested by the graphic style of the games and it will be a really good opportunity to study the game's graphics.


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