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My 1st Request :)


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Pokemon Species: Smeargle

Held item: (if possible) Expert Belt

Level: 100

Ability: Moody

Nickname: (none)

Trainer ID: Any

Secret ID: Any

Shiny: no

Egg: no

Nature: Timid

Pokérus Status: none

Pokeball: Ultra ball

EV stats: 256 Spe/ 252 Hp

IV stats: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Ribbons: -

Moves: Spore, Nightmare, Belly Drum, Baton Pass

Location/Date Met: Anything appropriate for pokemon alpha sapphire

Location/Date Hatched: Anything appropriate for pokemon alpha sapphire

Friend code: 2208-7478-3469

Name: ShadowOps-YT

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