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Past Review: The Shock Upon Return


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I went here for a moment simply to glance at some of my posts from my youth, this being one of the few places I remember having active participation in. Having looked back at my manner of writing when I was a teenager, I am particularly disappointed in how I conducted myself. Not even in the least that most of what I've typed seemed better fit for a grade school student than what my age purported then. I would however like to thank those that were amicable toward me during that time, such as Wraith and some of the members that no longer log in, Flootenkerp and even Goldgross, you've all helped me cope with what I was going through during that time indirectly with your kindness toward me. Of these, I only have contact with Wraith now which I am grateful for.

The competitive board is currently a distant memory now, and I don't have much experience, only interest in coding, and thus of little use to research here. Nonetheless, for all my misgivings here on the board, what I do miss are the times that were had on Shoddy Battle when that was the simulator most players were on. Those were some great times as I felt for one of the few times of my life the feeling of being good at something. Even today I miss that feeling, long for it even. Though in hindsight, much of my victories were through the wonky critical hit calculation that shoddy had. Mostly through some absurd strokes of chance did I win as much as I had, and toward the end of the server's run, I had lost so frequently that I had given it up altogether. Fleeting as though it was, it was a fun time.

I also write much better than I did when I wrote that horrid, putrid waste of a Championship Manager 01/02 manager story. That was what gave me the most grief when I saw it again. On that note, this board has had some considerable turnover as expected of time to change things. I hardly know any of the newcomers. I don't even know what happened to those that had made my avatar and signature, Inu and Toffeuy. Anyway, I'd like to once again thank the board for having me back then, it was fun while it lasted.

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Past is past buddy, cringe worthy as it all might be it's never worth outright rejecting. The cringe factor being mainly why I avoid my old posts like the plague!

The shoddy days were pretty awesome to the say the least. For me it was the hub of my activity, it all got a bit shit passed that. But like you I try to pop in to see some old friends, or friend (singular) as wraith is potentially the only person that I too still recognise.

Well take it easy buddy!

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The word "never" is a strong one I tend not to use unless it's an absolute. This isn't an absolute as I have a contrary opinion, yet I do understand the point being made. The times we had during the Shoddy era were great amid all the rest that was going on during that time-frame. I log in simply for the same, to check on those I've known during that time, also to check on the board's current state. This written, I am interested in learning how to program and code, but I wouldn't help out here. That is a bit too labour intensive for the amount of time I have to spend.

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