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Not finding any tool for editing Items and Trainer Pokemon


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Can Anybody Tell me how to edit trainer pokemon and items we find in Black 2

Please Tell Me

And Thank You in Advance!

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is scripting, only hex editor is your friends (hex workshop is powerfull, but you can find hexedit 4 is good too and is free, right now i using 010 Editor on both, linux and windows). if you finding tool is can decode into readable scripting from this or other forum, is cannot rewrite back to binary files or compile back to binary.

Kaphotics and someone (pichu2000, and someone from pokemoncomunity) already create tutorial for scripting.

Hex editor is only your tools for edit these file. and also you must know how to debuging desmume and using lua script for helper to finding spot, can found on another section on this forum by kazo and kaphotics~

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