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Nature problem with Fancy Vivillon


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I've been soft resetting the fancy-pattern Vivillon event for a long time trying to get a decent nature - either Timid or Modest, but I'm having no luck, and I'm starting to wonder if this is a symptom of the RNG or some other function.

I've heard people say that their fancy Vivillon is Timid, so I know it is possible, but I seriously suspect that the chances of getting it are very low for some reason, because so far I've been getting a lot of repeats of the same natures - specifically Adamant, Bashful, Brave, Jolly and Calm. It hasn't been these natures exclusively, but they appear incredibly commonly.

Has anyone else been experiencing something similar, and does anybody know why this might be happening?

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Well what I was suggesting is that it might be something to do with the random number generator, and numbers thrown out by the RNG can be different from console to console, and depending on time of day and things like that as well, so even if some others don't experience this issue, it would still be possible for me to be having problems because of it. I'm just interested in knowing more about this as it did seem like a glaring pointer to me that the RNG might be flawed when it comes to events.

I'm looking for other people who experienced this issue, but these forums seem to be pretty dead in comparison to how I remember them being about a year ago.

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