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AR Code for Mistralton Fan Delay


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The Mistralton Gym in Pokemon B2W2 is pretty much impossible due to heavy winds blowing after short intervals, so someone has concocted an AR code to modify this, as seen here:


But that's for Black 2 only. This is White 2 I'm dealing with here, which the code doesn't work at all? Can somebody post the White 2 code for modifying the fan delay in Mistralton Gym? Hopefully within the next 10 days...

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Uh-oh! Double Post!

Skyla solution discovered, thanks to science!

521EF1B4 63206B60

121EF1C4 0000XXXX

121EF1C6 00002802

121EF1C8 0000D300

121EF1CA 00002002

121EF1CC 00004770

D0000000 00000000

Try it out, to see if it works. Use the Black 2 Code as a reference.

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