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Pokémon Fire Red Evolution


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Pokémon Fire Red Evolution

Version: 0.95 (Length: Main Game/No Post-Game)


Pokémon Fire Red Evolution is a difficulty hack of Pokémon Fire Red which not only has improved trainers but also features several enhancements over the original game such as a PSS split, new moves/abilities from future installments, an updated type chart and much more.


→All cross-generation (pre)evolutions are added, meaning that there are 416 Pokémon in the game.

→All Pokémon are available for capture in at least one area before the Elite Four.

→All mechanics updated to Gen VI standards as closely as possible, this includes move buffs and Pokémon updates such as Fairy typing, stat increases and Gen IV abilties

→Some TMs and Move Tutors have been updated to teach more useful moves, in addition, TMs are now scattered throughout PokéMarts for purchase.

→Most Pokémon sprites have been updated to give the hack a modern feel alongside the new mechanics changes.

→Trade Evolutions and other inconvenient evolution methods have been replaced.

→Several Pokémon have received alterations in base stats, abilities and learn sets to make them more unique and/or viable in gameplay. A majority of these are inspired by Hidden Abilties and Mega Evolutions in future games. (Not available in the basic version)

→Several moves have received alterations to make them more viable in gameplay, examples include the HM moves Cut and Strength. (Not available in the basic version)

(More details in the documentations)








Additional Notes:

→Blaine is now the 6th gym leader and Sabrina is now the 7th, the Tea used to access Saffron City is now found in Three Island.


→Creator, Beta Testing: jimmies

→ROM-Base: MrDollSteak's Fire Red Patch (V1.4a) | Doesn'tKnowHowToPlay's PSS Patch

Sprite Resource

Future Plans:

→Improve certain scripts

→Finish Sevii Isles 4-7 (Postgame)

→Add Gen IV/VI Pokémon cries

→Add more evolutionary stones

→Add overworld encounters

Any feedback be it positive or negative is greatly appreciated.

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