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diamond PokeJoke DS - A Parody of Pokemon

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PokeJoke DS


PokeJoke DS is a parody of Pokemon games. It is a hack of Pokemon Diamond.

The main difference between this and the original game is the text. Nearly every line is different. Because of this, you should actually talk to everyone. If you do not talk to people, it would be very similar to the original game.

The differences in text include dialog, Pokemon names, move names, item names, town/route names, etc. There are also some slight differences in the maps and sprites.

So far, I have:

  • Renamed all of the gen IV Pokemon
  • Renamed a few of the gen I, II, and III Pokemon
  • Changed some of the moves
  • Changed the storyline (The different storyline will become much more apparent later in the game.)
  • Completed editing Twinleaf Town
  • Completed editing Sandgem Town
  • Completed editing Jubilife City
  • Completed editing all routes up until Oreburgh Gate
  • Added an Easter egg to Twinleaf Town


  • Rename all remaining Pokemon
  • Change most of the moves
  • Complete editing the rest of the story/world
  • Add more Easter eggs

Download Demo:

An xdelta patch can be downloaded HERE.

It requires an untouched Pokemon Diamond USA/ENG rom as the source file.

EDIT: This patch is v2, which fixes grass in some houses and a few broken dialogs.

Download Full Version:

Sorry, but there is no full version currently available.


Screen 1.png

Screen 2.png

Screen 3.png

Screen 4.png

Screen 5.png

Screen 6.png

Screen 7.png

Screen 8.png

Screen 9.png

Screen 10.png

Known Glitches:

If you find any glitches, please notify me of them.

The invisible wall at the end of the demo is NOT a glitch. It is there to mark the end of the demo.

Other Info:

I originally started this project back in 2009 under the name Nu11iFy. Now, my most common username is Razema. The project was discontinued, but I have restarted it. The initial thread can be viewed HERE. I am currently locked out of my old Nu11iFy account, so I cannot remove the old thread.











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