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I wonder if I did this right...


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I was taking a look at the Wonder Card AR codes for B/W and the thought occurred to me that, given the relatively simple structure of them (simple in that it's clearly easy to see where the bulk of the code that contains the Card and Pokémon themselves is), maybe I could try to splice something together based on the codes that DO work, and something I was able to get out of PokéGen that I know won't work in the game it was designed to go to (since it doesn't like B/W2 that much).

Here's my experiment, and if it works, it'll probably make a lot of people happy:

Genesect (Black 1, Wonder Card Slot 1)

94000130 FFFB0000

02024A34 FADCF3D6

E23FAFF0 00000030

4808B5F9 F40F2101

4807FA89 22CC4907

ED46F487 21014803

FA56F40F 22002128

0000BDF9 022383AC

023FB020 022384AC

E23FB020 000000CC

00002758 00000000

00000000 00100010

02220000 004C01BB

02890144 FFFF0000




9C850000 0000000F


005000FF 0061006C

006D0073 FFFF0061

0F00FFFF 00000000

00680054 00200065

0079004D 00680074

00630069 006C0061

00500020 006B006F

006D00E9 006E006F

00470020 006E0065

00730065 00630065

00210074 FFFFFFFF


0000FFFF 07DC0A07

01440063 00000001

00000000 00000000

00000000 00000000

00000000 00000000

D2000000 00000000

I have a retail cart, so I'm a bit afraid to try this one myself. However...well, while it seems somewhat fool-proof, it just seems too easy.

If it does work, it should be the Plasma Genesect given out to B2/W2 (Non-Shiny, Random nature, L15).

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