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idea [Concept] [Recruiting!] Pokemon Vysinni Version

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All images in this post are conceptual images put together in Paint and Paint.net, not images from the actual game.

Hello and thank you for reading about my concept on Pokemon Vysinni! Pokemon Vysinni is a rom hack of Pokemon FireRed. I am not a very skilled Rom hacker for the most part but I can still do quite a bit even without the knowledge of editing a Pokemon game. I am recruiting a development team to help me insert sprites and other various things. If you would like to help make the game, read about my concept of the game below!


I choose Braviary as the games mascot because the game is centered around one part of America, specifically Southern California.

The name is not final, so if you have a better name than Pokemon Vysinni, suggest one please! I chose the name "Pokemon Vysinni" because it is a rough translation of the the Greek word of crimson. Crimson is the color of Braviary, the game's mascot. The reason why I didn't go with just simply "Pokemon Crimson" is because there is already quite a few hacks named Pokemon Crimson out there and I didn't just want to flow with another generic name like "Pokemon Crimson". Again if you have a better name, post a suggested name.


As stated before, Pokemon Vysinni will take place in an unnamed region based around the southern California area. The map design is mostly done but there can still be more added to it. The towns and cities are unnamed too, but I still have an idea of where the gyms will be placed at each location and how the game will progress. The region will mostly consist of prominently Unova Pokemon with Pokemon from other regions.

I don't have much of a plot but at the same time I'd like it to be a simplistic plot like Pokemon Red/Blue or Pokemon X/Y, not too in depth like Pokemon Black/White. Your journey will begin at the northwestern-most nameless town. Your choices of Pokemon are Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott. You journey across the region and earn gym badges and challenge the Pokemon League.



Here is what I hope to include in Pokemon Vysinni:

  • All 718 Pokemon
  • All moves from XY
  • New enhanced graphics (i.e new tilesets, textbox, battle interface graphics.)
  • Access to the Unova Region (If possible)
  • Mega Evolutions (All existing Mega Evolutions in XY + Mega Evolutions for Serperior, Emboar, Samurott, and Eeveelutions.)
  • The Fairy Type
  • Decapitalized text
  • Physical/Special Split

Sorry if this is a bit much to ask for, but this is what I'd like to see in the game, but some things (Such as Mega Evoltions and access to the Unova region) may not be possilbe. We may not even have enough space for all the moves and Pokemon.

For the Fairy Type, P/S Split, and decapitalized text, I found a Rom base that already inserts these two things in there, so we can use that.

Fairy Type + P/S Split + decapitalized text Rom base: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=7814321#7814321

Staff for Pokemon Vysinni:


Gary Oak,


Gary Oak,

Graphics inserter/Rom Hacker:

Story writer:

Music composer:


Creative design (ie: Map design, naming, Mega Evolution design):

If you are interested in developing Pokemon Vysinni, please post below :D

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I will be posting my own progress and plans here, the original post if just information and plans about the entire game.


I've started creating a tileset for the overworld, it is still in it's early stages and it is far from finished. If anyone wants to help complete it, please let me know and how you will use the tiles you are putting in the game and if I approve of it. Anyways here is what I got for my tiles.


Map Design

Even though I don't have names for the towns and cities, I still got an idea of where the gyms will be and how some cities will be like, but not how it will be laid out. I've created a rough draft of the map with labels indicating what is what.



This one is a large WIP, I don't have much done so far, but I have some of the male character's sprites, the rival's front sprite, and one Pokemon complete. I am still working out a design for the female character.

Male Character:




That is all I got for now.

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