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I'm not sure if this has been done before, but when i searched i came up with nothing.

I am having a problem that i want to play as my absolute favorite pokemon (Latios, blame the movie) and have the partner pokemon as a Latias. now normally i cant do this without an AR (which i do have).

But then I have the problem where Latias's sprite seems to clip with Latios's when in dungeons and that is stressing me (being a perfectionist at heart)...

and then to add insult to injury they don't seem to use the correct animations when NOT in dungeons for example when at the start of the day when all the pokemon gather and you get 3...... Latios instead of cheering (which i know the sprite animation does no support) goes through what i think is the fainting part...and there are several different issues like this.

I was wondering which files are contributing to this and what i use to edit them...

(also if you could how would you add the ability to become a Latios through the questions,and then have a partner exclusive to Latios that happens to be Latias.)

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Not sure about the ROM editing, since it uses unusual file formats in unusual narc files (look in the ROM R&D forum for my tool to extract them).

As for playing as a different Pokemon, use Sky Editor or Sky JEditor to edit your desired Pokemon in both stored and active Pokemon. The only downside is that walking is the default animation for things like cheering and sleeping in your bed.

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