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NarcDump 1.0

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so the other day i was trying to dump all the bins out of a narc. i tried literally all 5 or 6 programs i know of and they either did a terrible job and named the files all wrong or crashed immediately. i got sick of looking for something to dump the files, so i wrote one.



and the source:


to use it, you either:

a. drag and drop a narc file onto it and it will extract all the files inside to the current folder.

b. use it with the command prompt- if you only provide the location of a narc and not an output location, it will extract to the current directory.

c. provide an input narc and output directory- you may provide a directory that you want narcdump to create, you do not have to create the directory yourself beforehand.

**keep in mind, right now it only dumps files without their proper names. this is fine because most of the narcs in b/w and b2/w2 use obfuscated narcs and unnamed bin files. narcs with mdl or btx files or others that still have proper names due to the need for their lookup by the g3d dictionary, etc will be dumped as plain bins at the moment. version 1.1 of the dumper will handle named files. for now, it can dump things that cause other dumpers to crash.

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