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B2W2 Event - European Keldeo (Winter) (France only?)


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Okay, well....

This happened today: (post from another thread)

There's a Keldeo being distributed only to French B2W2 games via wifi right now. It's only slightly different from the Summer event, but comes with Sacred Sword so it is in Resolute Form when you pick it up.

I've added it to the French Gen V Gallery page.

As of right now, none of the other regions/languages have a news posting regarding this event, nor are there any other live Wonder Cards.

Here's the link to the news posting

If anyone knows whether the "second chance" Greek Keldeo happening at stores right now is a repeat of Summer, or a distro of this Winter one, please let me know.

Edit: Nevermind that Resolute Form stuff, I'm just dumb.

Secret Sword is what changes the form, not Sacred Sword. :/

You still have to go to the Pledge Grove to learn Secret Sword and change its form.

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