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Looking for a Latias and a Latios

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My little brother was asking for Regice thats why i was asking for a Latias and Latios same ip adress cause we are realated and live in the same house on the same computer

If anyone can plz get me a latias and latios i would appreciate it.

Thank You

Oh and My brother still wants a regice with the same stats that i will post in a sec. thank you

---------- Post added at 12:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:18 PM ----------

here it is i went and got it

ok cool i dont really care about moveset and ability but i would very much like it to be lvl 70 if possible if not then 50 and the stats i would like 200 attack and defence 200 speed 150 special attack and defence if possible but i dont have an AR will that do anything?

That was his response to lvls stats moveset and ability for regice.

since someone said they might could get it and plz can anyone get me a latias and latios.


My friend code:1677/1550/6090

My brothers friend code:4210/3785/6393

(sorry he didnt post it but he cant edit my post)

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i was told i needed to put my brothers and my friend code in
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