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After taking an 8-month break from working on a B/W mod, I've decided to get back into it. I can see that plenty of progress has been made in the meantime, and I was hoping to catch up on things:

- The simplest one comes first - the Narc location and hex values to get Juniper to give you the Nationaldex instead of the regional Pokedex at the very beginning of the game. Couldn't find it here. And would this cause any problems when you receive the Nationaldex for a second time? Best workaround?

- KazoWar's BWSE - When the Pokemon sprite editing feature was initially added, I found that after using it to replace a sprite, I could no longer open up a/0/0/4 in CrystalTile2. Has this been remedied? Is Tinke now the pokemon in-battle sprite editor of choice?

- This one goes out to Drayano - I've noticed that in BB2/VW2 you've added NPCs to the overworld who can give you items, pokemon, or battle you. Is this a feature unique to B2/W2, or could it be used in the original B/W? Or is this not widely-known knowledge that you wanna keep under wraps? :tongue:

Thanks, fellas!

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Q1 is to do with the script file (a057), there's a particular command that'll do it but it slips my mind what. I found it for BB2 / VW2 through some investigatory trials @.@

Don't know about Q2.

I'm pretty sure all of my overworld/script additions in B2W2 should be equally possible in BW. It's not that I want to keep it under wraps so much as it's complicated to explain. Maybe I should make a formal guide sometime...

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Thanks, I'll poke around in a/0/5/7 a bit then. I see that there are two "unknown items" (01AA and 01AB) right next to each other in the Bulbapedia items list that I linked to earlier. Perhaps they stand for the Regional and National dex... If you ever happen to recall any details of your search process, I'd be very grateful to hear them.

Might anyone else know about my sprite-editing query, perchance?

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