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Rakshaza's Sprite/ Trainercard/ Splice/ Recolor/ CustomBadge/ CustomEgg Shop Is Now Open!

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Hey guys. Rakshaza here! if any body would like me to make them a custom sprite or anything having to do with this kind of stuff then let me know, I'm pretty good at it.

Here are some examples

red head cynthia..png

my trainer card..png

red cynthia card..png


Pokemon #1:

Pokemon #2:

Pokemon #3:


Pokemon #4:

Pokemon #5:

etc. (up to 10)


Base trainer: ( this will be the pose that your trainer will end up in)

General Idea of what the trainer should look like:

special notes: (any thing you want me to pay close attention to.)

Trainer shot:

Pokemon #1:

Pokemon #2:

Pokemon #3:

Pokemon #4:

Pokemon #5:

Pokemon #6:

Trainer/Custom Trainer:

Trainer Card:

Trainer Name:

Trainer sprite/Custom Trainer Sprite:

Pokemon #1:

Pokemon #2:

Pokemon #3:

Pokemon #4:

Pokemon #5:

Pokemon #6:

Badges: (choose up to 8. make sure they are in the order you want them in)


General Idea: tell me what it should look like.


What color:

How intense:

Give me a general idea about what you wish it to look like.



Pieces of the pokemon you want in the egg:

Anything not listed above you can run by me and ill see what i can do about it.

All right that's it so lets have fun guys!Tell me how you can compensate for the work done on these.

Be it even as simple as giving me credit to giving me a service or something else.




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