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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (U) Personality Test Modifier

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This is something I've been wanting for years... And I'm sure many of you have been too. I finally made codes to modify what nature you get when taking the personality test. These natures correspond to the ones here.

These are for the North American version, and do not require that you press any buttons.

Lonely: 2237cbb7 000000FF

Docile: 2237cbad 000000FF

Quirky: 2237cbb8 000000FF

Brave: 2237cbae 000000FF

Calm: 2237cbb5 000000FF

Timid: 2237cbb2 000000FF

Jolly: 2237cbaf 000000FF

Relaxed: 2037cbb6 000000FF

Quiet: 2237cbb9 000000FF

Hardy: 2237cbac 000000FF

Rash: 2237cbba 000000FF

Bold: 2237cbbb 000000FF

Naive: 2237cbb1 000000FF

Impish: 2237cbb0 000000FF

Hasty: 2237cbb3 000000FF

Sassy: 2237cbb4 000000FF

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Well, congratulations Evandixon for discovering some codes that are extremely rare as I have it in Red & Blue rescue team.

And now I need a little help from you since I need you to discover the Starter Modifier codes for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky (not worth the Sky Editor, Save Editor since I already have it) but in AR codes since I discovered them myself Starter's Modifier from Red & Blue rescue team.


Starter's Modifier

Red Rescue Team (USA) (GBA)

Hero: 82004894 ????

Partner: 82004896 ????


Blue Rescue Team (USA) (NDS)

Hero: 121136A8 0000XXXX

Partner: 121136AA 0000XXXX


Blue Rescue Team (EUR) (NDS)

Hero: 1211221C 0000XXXX

Partner: 1211221E 0000XXXX

???? - XXXX = Pokémon Values

More information: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=W1f2s0-gO9k

(Sorry for the inconvenience 🙂).

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