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So I've been noticing many of you were making threads. And you've probably been noticing your threads are not appearing. Why is that?

First off, your threads are being moderated, so it needs an approval of the moderator (namely me) or a global mod/admin to be put in effect. Many of your threads, however, were not worthy of its own topic.

So here's how it works. HGSS has NOT been released yet, so for the most part, we are merely SPECULATING. Therefore, you must post your speculations HERE (it has been stickied for a REASON).

Any confirmed information can also go in this thread as well, and Guested will update his first post.

If you feel a topic is NECESSARY for its OWN, then you may post your own topic and I'll see if is worthy of one. However, if it isn't, then I'll either merge it with the original speculation topic or I'll have to delete it if it won't really create much of a discussion.

Also, when you discuss, try not to say "It WILL" but say "It COULD" or "It MIGHT" because remember, you are only speculating.

Some people don't know what speculating means. Very well...

speculation - n. guess: a message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence 1

Remember to think carefully before you post. And yes, the global moderators and admins have the right to edit this as fit if the opportunity calls for it. Thank you and enjoy your time here :)

Any suggestions? Feel free to PM me or to leave me a Visitor's Message.

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