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Pokemon PBR Legit Check gotten stronger?

Jaxx Raxor

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Now I have been making my pokemon on pokesav, and it is super awesome. While I usually play on the DS, I also do alot of casual battles on Pokemon PBR. I a

However last night, nintendo seems to have stregthened the legit checker. Before, my teams would work on PBR wifi as long as they were correct nature, place of where they were caught/bred/pal parked etc.

But now any of my teams that I made using pokesav with AR are unable to go on PBR wifi! I suspect that its the PID value. I made the pokemon using pokesav version 0.39. Should I download the latest version of .40 and use the generate/PID button? Would that make my pokemon legal (and therefore pass the legit check) and be used on wifi? And if not, if did the total legal check process (with the downloadable PID-IV generator and legal checker etc.) would that work?

Thanks for your time, and buy the way I use Diamond version.

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