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BW Event - Korean Best Wishes Thunderus and Tornadus

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The official site revealed that Thundurus (볼트로스) and Tornadus (토네로스) will be distributed via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection from May 14th - July 5th, 2012. Thundurus will be limited to Pokémon Black Version players, while Tornadus will be to Pokémon White Version players. They are to tie in with the two-part anime episodes featuring the Kami Trio that airs on the Tooniverse TV channel May 24th, and having the event one in your party along with the roamer exclusive to your version will help you catch Landorus (랜드로스) at the Abundant Shrine without the need for trading (if you haven't done so yet, that is).



Pokémon Details




Hammer Arm

Focus Blast

Wild Charge

OT: 삼로스섬 (Samroseuseom)

ID: 05142

Held Item: Revival Herb

Ribbon: Wishing Ribbon




Hammer Arm

Air Slash

Hidden Power

OT: 삼로스섬 (Samroseuseom)

ID: 05142

Held Item: Revival Herb

Ribbon: Wishing Ribbon

Official site news article

Official site Best Wishes Anime episodes news

Thundurus Distro info

Tornadus Distro info

Bonus! FREE PKM download!

Thundurus 삼로스섬 05142 Timid 5-14-2012 Capable of taking hits (Near flawless)

Tornadus 삼로스섬 05142 Timid 5-14-2012 Often dozes off (Near flawless)

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