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Need some Pokés ^^ Events cause I can't do it on Pokésav :\


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This puts them in box 3, slots 1 through 5. I've personally tested the code. Enjoy!

94000130 FCFF0000

B2101D40 00000000

E000EF24 00000088

0D7345A6 334E0000

9B3E8DD9 B8F99D29

55779282 F2E9D7C8

70A7AB63 FCF8B1D9

FD13361B 1719A548



E08BDD38 4768DC51

576D9159 B3499004

9EC7C846 A6E67DE8

D972D415 180FDFFF

18E30EF7 CFDCF960

8D6C3B16 38A801D3

BC1532D8 3DA295B1

1A5D8866 C47C6BC6

03A731E3 5D1B2632

7781B553 C390DCE2

E000EFAC 00000088

00A589BF FDF60100

A5673127 56A90FEE

3A495E9E 936C8936

422288A2 C89641B8

80EB1809 AA56D22F

50B89A8F 494CF1B0

2FE48BAD 691A6B85

57BFC9B0 4E618B12

CEAD0361 61B4DE40

460B8A8B 5AC8FC14

2A772DE5 727ED230

B58B3012 CD9A4E3E

5DC20A92 B7D4E7AF

AB904DA8 23A0A34A

FC332153 1967AED8

527F6A84 88AAED31

1B3B0BA6 86AF3CA4

E000F034 00000088

0D71BF12 C14C0000

490606C8 C05D4238

E7B518A0 63DAF60E

B1213EF4 DB4D34C3

F1889B11 F8707263

E1147128 13361591

9EBF72AA D73118A0

1A7C0E0A 14F395D1

C83ED0F6 2C4D8B9E

B185F0C0 E03FDBA3

D26D5234 C841084F

5F325EE5 2B0CB70C

513BF086 B0E623B7

2CF14C4C B20937BB

CD371462 D9084340

014DF5A6 581964C0

4B6892D5 11CD654B

E000F0BC 00000088

19D97C13 67F00000

CE36722F F4B15F19

3CDA5689 8CA3A62A

998B9579 13260E31

5293447A 2949988E

72F1297A D19EB04A

38D11272 AE360914

7F04EC14 6083A1EB

92D6AB40 229C6CC1

F4D7F2D6 FD9F9147


7D7EE623 549C41AC

E855B6F7 855BB132

97D4B2D2 6838B1BF


562E94F4 99034F99

BF882134 85268F48

E000F144 00000088

06A6D188 E0A00000

D767A1A5 A5A6A775

E6820DBB 8A3BA642


AA7AA719 667178C8

F253B2EB 77F59D18

995868ED 94084403

4898BCBC 0F1C7653

6781F09B 6BE7F938

CFE3795D 21C0C6D4

250B78C9 E5F8FC84

3FC9CD00 B4137373

2E4862C5 DA830B8B

D0EBC031 E41A2B8E

0CDCAB12 3B08E5B4

040D502E 6622AE31

2206A79A D6A75914

D2000000 00000000

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