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Exp chart - Best Vs.Seeker Trainers!


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I'm actually looking for one. Anyone know if one has been made that shows the best trainers to level on based on total exp gain? Like a top 10?

I was wondering if all I'd have to do is check every (x_x) trainer in Stark Mountain and just find the one who gives the most exp since that's pretty much the end area of the game. However, there could be other options just as good outside, I don't know.

I've asked the Gamefaqs people but I always get a non-answer like, "Just go to the cafe and fight 2 battles a day, that will level you fast!!"


"Just fight the E4 again with the National dex! All the pokemon there are 20+ levels higher than you so GL with that!!"

Well anydangway, yea... any tips on who to vs.seeker level on would be great. In the mean time, I'll keep looking...


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you can try the first fisherman in Sunyshore, he's got two gyarados, at good level. Near him (at the grassy spot), a Rich boy with a Luxray, not only a good experience count, but good amount of money as well.

Another trainer that I keep on fighting are the boy & girl trainer at 229, the boy has Dusclops & Salamence, and the girl has Mightyena & Kirlia, both at good level.

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I've been using the Dusklops+Salamence trainer too. I've a feeling he's probably the best. The stark area has about the same level trainers but nothing that gives as much as a Salamence.

Do the old trainers increase in level? I haven't tried vs.seeker-ing them since the National Dex. I didn't think fighting a bunch of lv 5s-40s would be worth wile.

Thanks everyone for your replies. :P

- - - U P D A T E - - -

At route 228 (the sand storm one) there is an Ace Trainer named Moira. She has 3 pokemon and a combined total experience gain of 6376exp. The 3 pokemon she uses (In Platinum) are Sandslash, Gastrodon, and a Claydol. For comparison, the guy with the Salamence and Dusclops gives 4678exp. If you enter the area from the west gate house and go south, she is just above the grass area.

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