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BW Event - Darkrai in Switzerland (ENG, GER, FRA) (also, Greece)


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Can anyone with an English game go to this event?

It would be helpful if people went with different language games.

If you do please let us know the results.

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I live in Geneva, but there aren't any distribution in French speaking Switzerland (where is Geneva). Darkrai is distributing at Softridge and Swiss Gamestop, yes. I'm going to Gamestop the next Saturday (3rd December) and I'm going to try to have the English, German and French Darkrai.

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A Darkrai event took place in Greece on Dec. 31st, and the Darkrai distributed was similar to the one that is being distributed in various other countries in Europe, except for the fact that it was an English Darkrai. Now, the event only lasted for four hours, and I wasn't able to visit a store in order to get it, but I just wanted to let you guys know, and make a post about it, just in case someone who went to the event can share it here. The article on the Nintendo of Greece website mentioning the event is this one: http://www.nintendo.gr/el-gr/News.aspx?ElementID=59890f64-d648-4b61-a0c0-fc85f2089757.

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