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Pokemon mystery dungeon 2 sky: I Need help with an AR code to turn my text boxes blue.

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Hello. I believe this is the proper place to put this. I used an AR code for pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky to make myself darkrai. when i have to go after drowzee and azurill, upon entering that dungeon my text boxes permanently become pink! Is there an action replay code to make my text boxes permanently blue, or an AR code to give darkrai a gender? (If so, male, obviously.) Thank you for any help.

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I tried the same a while back. The issue is that female pokemon are indicated by adding a value (i think it was the 0x1ed) to the male id number, which is the hex national id, so bulbasaur male is 0x001 and bulbasaur female is 0x1ee. the problem is that genderless pokemon are rendered as genderless for both values. I tried to find where in the memory the color being displayed value is located, but I was unable to find it. I would give you my notes on my search, but I have switched computers since, and I no longer have that document.

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