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DW Event - Pokemon Movie special Home


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The Japanese PGL website announced that a new special home (like Pokemon Cafe) will open in July to commemorate the dual movie release.

The motif of the area will be based on the locales of the movie(s). No minigame, item, or pokemon encounter information has been announced yet, but they HAVE said that something special will happen if you send your event Reshiram or Zekrom (from the movie) to this new area.



It has been revealed that you will get a C-Gear Skin of either Zekrom or Reshiram when you take your move event pokemon to the new Home. Even if you have both, you can only get one Skin per cartridge.

There is a password hidden somewhere in the home that you can use to get a Victini Doll (and possibly some other goods?) for your DW house.

Still no word if there will be any minigames to get any DW pokemon from this Special Home.

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